Women to Women: A US – Cuba Dialogue on Sustainable Socio-Economic and Environmental Systems

 Women to Women: A US – Cuba Dialogue on Sustainable Social, Economic and Environmental Systems

February 23 – March 6, 2014

vinales early morning

Viñales Valley, early morning, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

This program will provide a holistic look at vital issues facing Cuba today with a focus on sustainable social and environmental policy and practice; the integration of the two; issues of gender, race and class; and the role of Cuba's vibrant culture in sustainability.

Participants will have the opportunity for interchange with official policy makers, directors of programs, and a variety of practitioners in a range of fields related to sustainable development, as well as with urban and rural Cuban citizens in a variety of formal and informal settings.

Through site visits, presentations and discussions, participants will study Cuban perspectives, successes and struggles in the many fields of sustainability and reflect on how these contrast or complement those in the US.  We will also explore how Cuban and US citizens might learn from each other and work together in the future for the well-being of our communities, countries, world and planet.

Sample Program

malecon at night

The Malecon at night, Havana, Cuba

If you have any questions on the program and/or  logistics for the delegation, please email Pam Montanaro, Coordinator for Eco Cuba Network or call 510-649-1052.

For articles and videos on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in Cuba, check out our ECN Resources page.

For articles and videos on Social Welfare and Sustainability in Cuba, check out our Resources on Social Welfare in Cuba page.

Fee: $2600 – 2800 (land only) (TBD) includes:

  • Double room accommodations in 4 star hotel and 2 meals per day.
  • Full program (morning, afternoon and most evenings)
  • Tour guide and translator for all scheduled events
  • Transportation to all scheduled events

Fee does not include:

  • Round trip Airfare Cancun to Havana, Cuban visa and required Cuban health insurance ($400 as of 12/2013)
  • One meal per day (usually lunch)
  • Bottled Water and other beverages
  • Optional evening cultural activities
  • Personal expenses


Cuban schoolchildren rank among the healthiest and highest educated children in the developing world.

How to Register:

Cuba travel for Eco Cuba Network tours is arranged by licensed Cuba Travel Service Provider, Global Exchange Reality Tours, a non profit TSP with over 20 years experience arranging Cuba travel for professional, educational, cultural, and "people to people" delegations to research every aspect of Cuban life.

The online registration page is here.

This is a Custom Tour for the Democratic Women's Club of Monterey County, California,  and requires a Custom Tour Code to register. If you are a member, please contact Pam Montanaro at 510-649-1052 or pam@ecocubanetwork.net

Upon registration, you will receive an email with an Orientation packet on the practical and logistical aspects of the trip and additional forms required to complete the application process and instructions on filling them out.  Please contact Pam Montanaro (by email or call 510-649-1052) for any questions you might have regarding the registration process.

Your non-refundable deposit of $500 is due upon submitting your online registration form. Payments by Mastercard, Visa and Discover are welcome. Full payment is due 6 – 8 weeks before departure.

The full cost for this tour will be:

  • $2600 – 2800  Full Cuba program, guide and translator, accommodations and 2 meals/day
  •  $400 round trip airfare Cancun-Havana, Cuban visa, required Cuban health insurance**

Participants should also allow $50 – $100 per day for: personal expenses and non-covered items and activities; the flight to Miami from your home city; and one overnight stay in Miami the night before departure for Cuba.

Why Travel to Cuba with Eco Cuba Network?

Eco Cuba Network is a project of the Green Cities Fund

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