Social Welfare in Cuba 2015 evaluations of participants

“This was definitely the most educational and informative continuing education activity I have ever experienced. The presenters and topics were very thorough and the diversity of agencies that were visited helped to give a holistic picture of how the Cuban health/social care system works. It was very beneficial to learn how a community-based approach can be effective in dealing with multiple issues and can be very preventative.”
“I learned so much at every presentation. It was obvious that there was a great deal of time, energy and collaboration both in the US and with folks in Cuba. Marjorie and Chuck and Michelle were amazing. The places we visited and the people that we met were well prepared for us. Although I was tired and somewhat limited I enjoyed and learned so much. So much learning took placed as rode the bus!! We had the ability to learn so much from our guides on the bus and the interaction within the group was amazing. It was a trip I had wanted to make for a very longtime and am so happy I had the opportunity. Very happy that we did it.”
This trip and course met all of the above learning objectives and then some. Meetings with relevant professionals, with patients and with clients were edifying and relevant to both macro and micro practice with ample time for questions and answers. I especially enjoyed the clinical nature of our learning.”

“The trip was personally and professionally inspiring and rewarding. Extremely well organized and provided a broad spectrum of experiences and opportunities for cross cultural exchange.”

“I really appreciated the intense immersion in the social welfare policies and practices in Cuba. Our guides were outstanding and added greatly to understanding both the macro and micro perspectives of Cuban values, history and the resulting community based delivery model. Very inspiring and educational. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this continuing education course such a meaningful experience!”

“This was truly an exceptional experience and it was sometimes hard to describe all of what I took in to my family and friends in the US. I certainly had some misconceptions and many of these were nullified. I left feeling that this country needs the embargo lifted and needs help from the US but also am concerned how this will potentially change what Cubans know and love. I felt extremely safe there. And I will admit that I was happy to NOT have to use their antiquated medical system – a system that Cubans are used to, but would scare me. It was a fabulous learning experience and worth every penny and CUC. J”

“Fantastic opportunity. Well planned. Only quasi negative is that there was very limited ‘down time’ to process all that we had learnt.” 

“This was an eye-opening experience that challenged me to analyze the U.S. context for intervention models, service delivery, and formal and informal care systems. I am still processing my experience and have begun to share what I learned with my students and colleagues. Thank you!”
“Enormous amount of information. Fabulous experience. Lots of information.”

“This was an absolutely amazing experience. Learned so much about Cuban history, culture, structure.”
I think this was an incredible experience to learn and witness Cuba’s community based holistic approach which in effect serves as a prevention model for many of the social issues we struggle with in the US. This integrated model seems to build in protective factors and provide early identification of any merging social issues experienced by families. I was also impressed that they now recognize the need to create a master’s prepared social worker curriculum and degree program to more effectively address more complex social issues. I was inspired by their approach and think there is much that we can learn from them that can be adapted both on the micro and macro levels of social work practice in the US. I’d like to learn more about how policy decisions are made.”

“This seminar was an amazing experience and provided a wealth of information about social work in Cuba on both micro and macro levels. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn about different systems directly from the people and organizations. I would recommend this course to any social worker and would definitely participate in this program again. The coordinators did an excellent job.”

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