Social Welfare Sample Program

Social Welfare in Cuba:
A Holistic View of Environmental and Human Sustainability
Research Tour in Havana and the provinces of western Cuba
October 12 – 20, 2013

Assisting organizations: Eco Cuba Network, Antonio Núñez Jimenez Foundation for Nature and Humanity, Cuban Institute for Friendship with the People, Amistur Travel Agency in Cuba and Global Exchange Reality Tours
Saturday, October 12:             
Morning: Early departure for Havana from Miami International Airport. Arrival at Jose Marti International Airport, Havana, Cuba mid to late morning. Transfer to hotel. 

Orientation meeting with Dr. Michele Frank and Cuban guides.

Lunch at hotel.

Afternoon: City tour of Havana and Old Havana to visit sites of cultural, historical and environmental interest with Cuban urbanist and historian Miguel Coyula

Evening: Welcome dinner with Cuban hosts and guests from Cuba’s Social Welfare and Environmental institutions. Brief introductory talks.

Optional Cultural activities
Sunday, October 13
Morning: Visit Senior Center for morning exercises and conversation with staff of Center and seniors
Visit neighborhood garden and farmers’ market and the Food Conservation Project of Vilda and Pepe, who teach workshops on organic gardening, food preservation, urban medicine and other wellness topics in western Havana. Discussion on their involvement with neighborhood development projects

Lunch in neighborhood of Cuban painter Jose Fuster. Meet with the artist and neighbors
Afternoon: Museum of the Revolution or Museo de Bellas Artes or other activity in Central Havana
Early Evening: La Colmenita children’s theatre performance and discussion with staff about the nearly 20 year old neighborhood development project that grew into an internationally acclaimed touring theatrical company.

Evening: Small group meetings according to interest and/or optional cultural activities
Monday, October 14
Morning: Meet with Odalys Gonzalez of the Cuban Society of Social Workers, other Cuban social workers, and professors of Social Welfare at the University of Havana. Discussion on the history, structure and scope of Cuba’s Social Welfare system and current issues, challenges and successes

Opportunity to discuss issues of clinical practice. Speakers will include Cuban experts on child, adolescent and family therapy, such as Dr. Cristobal Martinez and Dr. Elsa Gutierrz Baró.

Lunch in Cuban paladar
Afternoon: Paolo Freire Community Center in Havana neighborhood of Cerro. Meet with staff and visit neighborhood development sites.

Evening: Panel discussion on life in Cuba today economically, socially, politically, currently and historically
Tuesday, October 15
Morning: Panel discussion on integration of environmental and social sustainability in Cuba at the Foundation for Nature and Humanity (FANJ), our host organization. Discussion of role of social workers in promotion of urban gardens, energy efficiency campaigns, an neighborhood environmental reclamation projects

Lunch at paladar with FANJ staff      

Afternoon: Visit to the Center for Psychosocial Investigation. Presentation by Director and staff. Further opportunity to discuss issues of clinical practice

Visit Havana polyclinic.

Visit Cuban Literacy Museum. Presentation on Cuba’s preschool through PhD public educational system

Evening: Viewing of short film Maestra! on the1961 Cuban Literacy Campaign and talk by former participant Norma Guilliard
Wednesday, October 16
Morning: To Matanzas (1 ½ hour drive; Q and A on bus with Cuban guides). <

City tour of sites of historical, cultural and environmental interest  (Colonial Pharmacy, Ediciones Vigias (small craft book publishing company), other sites in Old Matanzas
<Lunch at Bellamar Caves
Afternoon: Meeting with staff of the Kairos Community Center. Site visits to Kairos Center projects and neighborhood of La Marina
Evening: Cultural evening in Matanzas (Los Muñequitos or similar group (Afro Cuban rhythm and dance) or performance at newly renovated Teatro Sauto
Thursday, October 17
Morning: Visit polyclinic, family doctor clinic. Presentation on public health system in Cuba with staff, including mental health staff. Visit school for special needs children.
Lunch in downtown Matanzas paladar
Afternoon: Visit Museum of the Route of the Slave at San Severino Castle. Talk on the slave trade in Cuba and legacy of slavery today. Return to Havana

Evening: Optional cultural activities
<Friday, October 18
Morning: Panel discussion on issues of gender and race at Cenesex, Cuban Institute for the Sex Education and Gender Studies
Lunch at Casa de las Americas. Presentation on current issues between Cuba and the United States
Afternoon: Visit La Murealando neighborhood art and/or reclamation project or Martin Luther King Community Center in Afro Cuban nieghborhood of Marianao.
Free time in Havana for individual pursuits                                                
Evening:  Small group meetings according to interest and/or optional cultural activities                  
Saturday, October 19
Morning: Visit Las Terrazas intentional community in Pinar del Rio about an hour from Havana in the Sierra de los Rosario. Visit community museum, reforestation project, artists’ studios, and organic garden

Lunch at El Romero organic, vegetarian restaurant; talk by vegan-vegetarian pioneer and chef Tito Núñez
Afternoon: Visit Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve nature station. Hike or swim, if time permits.

Return to Havana.

Re-entry/evaluation meeting with Michele Frank and Cuban guides
Evening: Farewell dinner with Cuban hosts and guests in Old Havana

Cultural activity (i.e. Buena Vista Social Club or similar musical group)
Sunday, October 20: Depart for US

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