Eco Cuba Network Environment and Sustainability Resources

Cuba’s Biosphere Reserves


The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
by Faith Morgan, Community Solutions

!Salud!, a film on Cuba’s health care system, in Cuba and abroad


Cuba’s Coral Reefs with Dr. David Guggenheim
 on Sixty Minutes
with Anderson Cooper

Cuba, Wild Island of the Caribbena / Accidental Eden
(“Nature” Video, PBS)

Urban Gardens in Havana
“Around the World in 80 Gardens”, BBC

New Cooperatives in Cuba
by Dave Lippman

Cuba Trains Former FARC Rebels to Become Doctors

“Is Cuba the First, Large-scale Maker Society?”
by Kelly McCartney

“The Greening of Cuba”
by Jaime Kibben
(This is the first film made about the sustainable agriculture revolution in Cuba, made in the early 1990’s.)

Recommended Videos to Rent of Purchase:

Maestra, a film on Cuba’s 1961 literacy campaign
by Catherine Murphy, The Literacy Project 

Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up
by Saul Landau, Institute for Policy Studies


Cuba Naturally,
by Steve Winter, National Geographic Society

The Birds of Cuba,
by Richard Kern


Ocean Doctor/Ocean Doctor, US-Cuba Project
by Dr. David Guggenheim

Pristine Cuban coral reef


La Vida Locavore Cuba Journal
by Jill Richardson, May 2010

Jill Dickenson, food writer, with Fernando Funes (right), Cuban organic agriculture pioneer, and local farmer


Cuba and the U.S. Find Friendship and Hope in the Gulf of Mexico
by David Guggenheim, “The Ocean Doctor”,, October 18, 2010


General Environmental Articles

Redefining Socialism in Cuba

by Garry Leech, Counterpunch, September 18, 2015

Environmental Law in Cuba
by Oliver Houck, Tulane University Law School, Environmental Law Review, Fall 2000

Journey to Cuba’s Underwater Eden
by Rod Griffin, Environmental Defense Fund, 2012

Cuba Naturally
by Steve Winter, National Geographic, November 2003

Cuba Reefs: A Last Caribbean Refuge,
by Peter Benchley, National Geographic

The Nature of Cuba
by Eugene Linden, Smithsonian Magazine, May 2003

How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
by Megan Quinn, Community Solutions, 2005

Deep Cuba
by Chris Clarke and Bill Belleville, Earth Island Journal

Conserving Cuba, After the Embargo
NY Times December 2007

Why Cuba is the Only Nation to Achieve Sustainable Development
by  Bharat Mansata, Eternal Bhoomi: For Earth Consciousness and
Sustainable Living, January 2010

Wetlands of Cuba

Encyclopedia of Earth entry on Cuban Wetlands

Why Cuba’s Sustainability is Not an Accident
by Rachel Cernansky, Treehugger Journal, April 2012

Cuba: Environmental Sustainability Discussed
by Dick Wood, Greenleft Journal

National Program to Prevent Desertification and Drought in the Republic of Cuba

Cienaga de Zapata, largest wetlands in the Caribbean

Renewable Energy Articles

Cuba’s Power: The Energy Revolution, Part I
How Will Cuba’s Re-opening Affect the Country’s Energy Future? Part II                               by
Shashank Gouri, World Watch Institute

This Cuban Province Is on Its Way to 100 Percent Renewable Power
by Laurie Guevara Stone, January 2015

La Revolucion Energetica: Cuba’s Energy Revolution
by Laurie Stone of SEI, Renewable Energy, 2011

Teaching Cuba’s Energy Revolution
by Laurie Stone, SEI, Solar Today, Jan/Feb 2009

Revolutionary Education
by Laurie Stone of SEI, Home Power, Dec 2001/Jan 2002

Revolutionary Health Care
by Laurie Stone of SEI, Home Power, Aug/Sept 1998

Renewable Energy Development in Cuba: Sustainability Responds to Economic Crisis     by Stone, Lippman, Lent, Hawthorne, Duncan, Terrasol, April 1997

The Sol of Cuba
by Laurie Stone of SEI, Home Power, Oct/Nov 1996

Rural Cuban School with solar panels installed by Cuba Solar

Sustainable Agriculture Articles

La Via Campesina: the Campesino a Campesino Agroecology Movement of ANAP in Cuba by Peter Rosset et al

The Cuba Diet: What Will You Be Eating When the Revolution Comes?
by Bill McKibben, Harpers, April 9, 2005  (excerpts) 

Roots of Cuba’s Agricultural Renascence, Part 1
Roots of Cuba’s Agricultural Renascence Part 2
by Paul Gersper

Cuba at an Ag Crossroads: La Finca Marta of Fernando Funes
by Adam Calo

Cuban Sustainability: The Effects of Economic Scarcity on Agriculture and Energy
by M. Dawn King, Lehigh University

Cuba’s New Agricultural Revolution
by Laura Enriquez, Institute for Food and Development Policy, May 2000

Cultivating Havana: Urban Agriculture and Food Security in the Years of Crisis
by Catherine Murphy, February 1999, Institute for Food and Development Policy

Havana Farmers’ Market

The Greening of Cuba
by Peter Rosset, NACLA Report on the Americas 1994, Institute for Food and Development Policy

Cuba’s “Johnny Appleseed”: Scientist Honored for Organic Farming Initiatives
April 20, 2010


Cuban schoolchildren in school gardening program

Socially Responsible Business & Cooperative Business Models in Cuba

New Cooperatives in Cuba
by Dave Lippman

Socially Responsible Enterprise, Local Development in Cuba (SRELDC)

Cooperative Cuba
by Cliff DuRand, Z Magazine, October 17, 2013

New Cooperatives Form Part of Cuba’s Reforms
by Patricia Grogg, International Press Service, July 11, 2013

Potentials and Pitfalls of Cuba’s Move Toward Non-Agricultural Cooperatives
by Arch Ritter, The Cuban Economy, January 30,2014

Coop Laws in Cuba Are Seen as Progress
by Damian Cave, New York Times, December 11, 2012

124 Non-Farms Up and Running, More Approved
by Reuters, July 1, 2013




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