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Nature's Friends, teaches environmental stewards in marginalized communities so we may all adapt to climate change with ease.  Our field school, apprenticeships, and the Joseph Project are designed to work together to fashion sustainability hubs across the nation.

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Nature's Friends was founded by permaculturist Rev. Dele, a renaissance woman who has lived and worked on the prophetic edge of social change in California, Oklahoma, Washington D.C. and Virginia. Ordained in the United Church of Christ, she has dual Baptist affiliations. Rev.  Dele earned a B.A. at UC-Riverside and an M.Div at Howard University. Also a storyteller and meditation teacher, her ministries always empower communities in wholistic ways. "Redemption of the soil is inextricably linked to redemption of the soul," says Rev. Dele.

An adjunct professor in permaculture design at the College of William and Mary, Rev. Dele is passionate about transferring the scientific knowledge of environmental restoration to communities at large. Her current mission is rooting climate adaptation knowledge in African American communities, which are the most vulnerable with the least resources to bounce back. Towards this end, Rev. Dele founded Nature's Friends to train environmental stewards in communities of color so we ALL may become climate resilient. She issues a clarion call to faith communities to become hubs of sustainability which solidify local food sovereignty and water security.

As board member of the Virginia Interfaith Power and Light Affiliate, Rev. Dele shares her "Gospel of the Garden" in addition to promoting the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth so that we all learn how to serve and preserve the home we all share.

Read Rev. Dele's most recent published article in the April 2014 issue of Sojourner's Magazine: "A Gospel of the Garden."

All of Rev. Dele's articles can be read here.



















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