Culture and Sustainability/LGBT Rights

Culture and Sustainability:
Cuba's Success in the Struggle for LGBT Rights!

This Cuba tour takes place during the
36th International Festival of New Latin American Film 
and the
Havana International Jazz Festival

December 10 – 19, 2014

VI Jornada Cubana Contra L a  Homofobia en Ciego Ávila , Pasacalle Avileño

The march for LGBT rights, Havana, Cuba, April 2013, organized by Mariela Castro and CENESEX, Cuba's foremost institution focused on overcoming sexism and homophobia.

Eco Cuba Network and the Cubanakoa Foundation of Oahu, Hawaii invite your participation in this exciting program that will explore Cuba's pioneering policies and programs challenging homophobia in the context of the Cuba's overall goal to achieve an equitable and sustainable society.

We will study Cuba's HIV/AIDS prevention education through the eyes of professional health care workers, social workers and members of the LGBT community. 

Participants will enjoy Cuba's rich, multi-ethnic and vibrant cultural heritage of music, art, dance, and poetry in the neighborhoods and schools as well as in the theaters, music clubs and museums.  

The program takes place during the 36th annual International Festival of New Latin American Film and the Havana International Jazz Festival and provides an opportunity to meet with members of the Cuban Film Institute as well as Cuban jazz musicians for wide ranging discussions including issues of gender, class, race and development in Cuban culture and the integration of Afro Cuban and European influences in the arts and Cuban society as a whole.

The program will include site visits to traditional shamanic healers and neighborhood projects that combine art and environmental reclamation.

Join us in exploring the potential, within island communities, to end homophobia, sexism and racism and achieve the equitable and sustainable societies we all deserve!



Cubanakoa Foundation is a Oahu-based Hawaii-Cuba friendship organization, comprised of organic farmers, community organizers, environmental educators, sustainable entrepreneurs, physicians, artists, students, and activists – all dedicated to living peacefully and sustainably in this world – who acknowledge the similarity of the environmental issues facing Cuba and Hawaii, as island nations:

  • climate change that results in rising oceans encroaching on their shorelines along with  horrendous storms;
  • the struggle for self-sufficiency on an island nation, often so dependent on the "mainlands" around for necessary supplies;

and of course, a shared history of colonialism and the valiant efforts of indigenous populations and their allies to maintain their cultures and overcome political, economic and social obstacles.

Eco Cuba Network is an association of environmentalists devoted to interchange between US citizens and Cubans involved in environmental protection and sustainable development.

TOUR FEE:  $2700 (land only); $500 (charter flight package)

Tour fee includes:

  • Double-room accommodations in 3-4 star hotel during "high" season
  • Two meals per day
  • Full daily program
  • Entrance to film festival and jazz festival
  • Transportation to and from all programmed activities
  • Experienced delegation guide / translator
  • Honoraria to all host speakers, organizations and communities
  • Preparatory educational material

Tour fee does not include:

  • One meal per day
  • Bottled water and other beverages
  • Optional cultural activities
  • Expenses of a personal nature


Please contact coordinator Pam Montanaro by email or call 510-319-4910 to be sent the registration packet for this Cuba program.

Eco Cuba Network is a project of the Green Cities Fund

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