Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development

Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development

The Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development, Urban gardens and energy efficiency organization working in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, that was so heavily damaged in Hurricane Katrina. One of their staff, Vincent Fedelli, traveled to Cuba with ECN in April 2011 on a tour devoted to renewable energy and energy efficiency.  CSED is now organizing for several of the staff to travel to Cuba, to explore other aspects of sustainable development in their sister coastal city, Havana, as well as to bring Cuban agriculturists and environmentalists to the 9th Ward to give workshops to their community.

The Lower 9th Ward CSED focuses on coastal rehabilitation, greening the built environment and increasing food security by creating an economically, culturally and environmentally sustainable Lower Ninth Ward.

As we rebuild our economic, cultural and environmental capacities – we initiate, support, stimulate and partner on projects and programs that help us reach our goal of rebuilding an equitable, sustainable and resilient community. Our mission is to lift up and strategically reinforce community driven goals throughout our work on the built, natural and socio-cultural environment.

Out of tragedy and the devastation following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, a powerful idea was born: to create a new community-based organization that would help the Lower Ninth Ward recover and rebuild sustainably. To engage with returning residents. To attract vital resources while partnering with like-minded people and groups. And to help revitalize the Lower 9 while respecting its culture and traditions – working in solidarity with residents to meet their needs and concerns.

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