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Pam Montanaro, Coordinator
Eco Cuba Network
Berkeley, CA

Cuban Toady

Photo by Pete Morris

Eco Cuba Network is an association of environmental professionals, practitioners, students and activists who believe passionately in the importance of interchange between US and Cuban environmentalists.  We represent the many fields of environmental protection and sustainable development: renewable energy and energy efficiency, organic agriculture and urban gardens, protected areas and species preservation, natural and complementary health care, and sustainable education, health care and social welfare systems, and a great many more.

Eco Cuba Network works with US individuals and organizations to end all US-imposed restrictions on environmental travel and communication with Cuba.

photo of Pam Montanaro

Our Coordinator, Pam Montanaro, is a professional environmental and economic justice activist with 30 years experience working with non profit organizations in New England and California.  Pam was the Cuba Program Coordinator at Global Exchange for ten years before joining her colleagues to launch the Eco Cuba project in 2000. Pam works closely with a network of professional US environmentalists to plan, initiate, promote and recruit for environmental Cuba delegations.  Pam is available for pre-trip planning, post-trip follow up, and welcomes new and creative ideas from would-be and former participants on the Eco Cuba Network delegations on how to further develop the relationships between US and Cuban environmental scientists, engineers, policy makers and practitioners. Pam lives in Berkeley, CA.

We live in the Era of Ecology. 
The personal, the social, the political, the economic and the environmental
are understood to be ONE.

Environmentalists, like migratory birds, sea creatures and ocean waves, know no borders!

Eco Cuba Network is a project of Green Cities Fund.




















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