Campaign for US-Cuba Environmental Exchange!

The Campaign for US-Cuba Environmental Exchange promotes
environmental travel and communication between the US and Cuba.

The US and Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, share an ecosystem, the Gulf of Mexico, a body of water subjected to industrial and agricultural pollutants as well as violent, destructive storms – both being, these days, largely human-made disasters. 

It is unconscionable that the US government impedes travel and communication between US and Cuban environmental scientists, engineers, practitioners and activists.

It's time that our community of environmental planet-savers be allowed to work together, unimpeded, to save from destruction, this precious ecosystem, a nursery for marine and coastal life that nourishes all the peoples of the Caribbean basin.

We demand of his Congress and this Administration:

  • Lift all US-imposed restrictions on Cuba travel for US environmental professionals, students, practitioners and grassroots volunteers.
  • Lift all restrictions on the type of experience environmentalists are allowed to have in Cuba: Allow all environmental research tours, professional meetings, workshops, courses, conferences, symposiums, formal and informal brainstorming sessions.
  • Issues visas to Cuban environmentalists to attend and participate in conferences, professional gatherings and research tours in the US, as well as speaking tours and informal gatherings, in a timely, efficient and liberal fashion.
  • Allow comprehensive sharing of environmental research and other relevant information between US and Cuban environmentalists through all media outlets.
  • Broaden the definition of the term environmentalist to include persons involved in all fields of environmental protection and sustainable development.
  • Lift all age restrictions on environmental Cuba travel.  US Children and teenagers involved in environmental activities should be allowed to travel to Cuba to visit with their Cuban peers to discuss their common future in our shared ecosystem!
  • Issue visas to young Cuban environmentalists to participate in environmental programs and gatherings in the US.

Please sign our petition for the freedom of travel and communication between the US and Cuban environmental communities!

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