IV International Agroecology Research Tour and Conference

IV International Agroecology Research Tour and Conference

November 17 – 24, 2013

AGROECOLOGY Conference, US delegation and guides, November 2011

The IV International Agroecology Conference, hosted by ANAP, the National Association of Small Farmers, will take place in Cuba, November 17 – 24 in Guira de Melena, a rural town about an hour outside of Havana in Artemesia Province.

Participants will meet at the International Airport in Cancun, Mexico on the morning of November 17 for the flight to Havana on Cubana Airlines. You will be met at the airport by conference organizers and driven to the Conference in Guira de Melena for 6 days of presentations and agricultural site visits to private and cooperative farms, then driven to the airport on the morning of November 24 for the return flight to Cancun.

Your flight, visa and required Cuban health insurance will be paid in advance to your licensed Cuba Travel Service Provider (TSP) Global Exchange, a San Francisco-based non profit with over twenty years experience organizing Cuba travel for US citizens.  You will register for the Cuba trip through Global Exchange and pay for the air fare and visa, in advance of the tour, upon registration, directly to Global Exchange.

You will carry with you the funds you will need to cover the costs of the program, your accommodations, transportation and meals, and the services of the guides and translators. 

We are estimating your total costs for the conference, tour, airfare, additional fees and taxes and personal spending money at approximately $2200.

Here is the cost breakdown:

$450   Round trip flight Cancun-Havana-Cancun, Cuban visa and required Cuban  health insurance

$250   Fee to Travel Service Provider

$700  Amount to be paid directly to Global Exchange upon registration


$320   Conference Program, site visits, 3 meals for 6 days, and airport transfers

$130   Double room accommodations and breakfast for 7 nights

$450  Amount to bring with you in cash to Cuba for conference and accommodations 


In addition, US participants and other English-speaking participants will be asked to share the costs of the two translators, estimated at:

$1200  (for 2 translators, @ $100 each per day x 6 full days)

    900   (for 2 translators' accommodations, meals and conference fee @ $450 each)

$2100  total translators' fees to be divided equally among participants

(This $2100 charge will be divided equally among the US participants.  If there are 6 participants, as there were at the last Agroecology Conference in Cuba, each will pay about $350.  If more, each will pay less.  If fewer, each will pay more. We will let you know prior to your departure what this fee will be.)


Rough estimate of your costs for this tour and conference, from Cancun to Havana and back to Cancun:

$450   flight and visa

$250   travel service provider fee

$450  conference fee, site visits, accommodations, transportation

$350  individual share of translators fees (if there are 6 participants)


In addition, we suggest you allow yourselves spending money at the rate of about $25 per day for bottled water and other beverages, cultural outings, and purchases of a personal nature. 

Finally you will have the cost of your round trip airfare from your home city to Cancun, Mexico (probably about $400), an overnight in Cancun on the evening prior to departure (probably about $50), and airport exit taxes in both Cancun and Havana (about $25 each).

These extra costs add up to:

$400   Round trip from your home city to Cancun

$200  Personal expenses at $25 per day in Cuba

$100  Airport exit taxes in Cancun and in Havana and overnight hotel in Cancun


This will bring your total cost to about $2100 for the entire week.

Here is the conference flyer, in Spanish:

Convocatoria ANAP Agroecología 2013

Here is an article on Agroecology in Cuba:

La Via Campesina: the Campesino a Campesino Agroecology Movement of ANAP in Cuba by Peter Rosset et al


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