Actions you can take NOW!

Actions you can take now!

Eco Cuba Network works closely with our "inside the beltway" colleagues at the Latin America Working Group and the Washington Office on Latin America to take advantage of every opportunity the US Congress and the Obama Administration provide to advocate for legislative or executive action.

There is no legislation action pending at present.  But there are two actions you can take to end the travel restrictions: 

1.  Call President Obama's comment line at 202-456-1111 and ask him to lift all restrictions on Cuba travel by US citizens.

2.  Sign our petition for an immediate end to all restrictions on US-Cuba environmental exchange – travel, communication and collaboration.

In 2013, Eco Cuba Network launched its Campaign for Unrestricted US-Cuba Environmental Exchange.  This Campaign includes a Petition drive throughout the US environmental community for the right to travel and communication between the environmental communities of our two countries. 

The petition will be delivered to the President Obama, the Environmental Protection Agency, the US State Department and the Science Committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives, among others.

Stay tuned!

And if you would like to receive email announcements about the Campaign and related Cuba work of a political nature, please email Pam Montanaro and we will add your name to our Network.

In the meantime:

  • Find out how your Congressional representatives feel about the US embargo of Cuba, especially the travel restrictions. Use the resources we provide on our website, and websites that we recommend, to educate yourself, your community, and the US government on the need to end the restrictions on US-Cuba travel, especially for environmentalist professionals and activists, to end the entire US embargo of Cuba.

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The US government should immediately:

  • Remove Cuba from the list of "terrorist" nations.
  • Free the wrongly imprisoned "Cuban Five."
  • Allow free trade between the US and Cuba of food, medicines and medical equipment, and other products of vital necessity.
  • Allow other countries to freely trade with Cuba in vital products with US-made parts.
  • Allow a free flow of ideas, humanitarian aid, goods and services between the US and Cuba.
  • Remove all restrictions on travel and communication between the citizens of the US and Cuba.

Can we end the US embargo of Cuba?  Yes we can!  And environmentalists will lead the way!

Eco Cuba Network is a project of Green Cities Fund.